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      22 Nov

    Today, I am but a lowly Star commoner, but one day I will own a Freelancer and become, a Star Citizen!

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The Hull Truth: Episode 18 – The Week of February 3rd, 2014

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The Hull Truth is a weekly update of the most recent facts regarding Star Citizen. Most of the information is taken from Wingman's Hangar and the Development team. It's an attempt to give you a concise roundup of all the new developments in a short timeframe so that you are not required to hunt them down or watch long videos...

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Feb 04 2014 10:34 PM

Another great episode in the bag. A lot of good info in this one folks. Totally agree with Wes on his Elite: Dangerous assessment.

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Awesome episode again Wes. Some amazing talent in that TNGS comp. 

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Feb 06 2014 04:04 AM

Yeah. Definitely not stuff I can do. The TNGS thing is pretty interesting. Curious to see what's up next!

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Great episode.  I'm in the same boat with Elite Dangerous.   I'm really excited for it, but $300+ could get me some ships in SC (or a ton of other games.... or a car payment... ) so I'll hold out for the cheaper beta buy-in.   I think they picked some solid entries for TNGS.. some of those designs made me cringe a bit though, so I'm glad some of the ones I really liked made it in.

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so far it seems pretty easy to narrow down the good ones for TNGS. we will see what else they have to offer though, maybe they saved the best ones for last.

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yeah, the second episode was kind of bland, none that really stood out at all

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Feb 13 2014 04:32 PM

I'm putting together a recap video for the elimination up to final 16. Getting sick as heck today kinda put a htich in my stride though. It won't be anything fancy, just a quick, concise recap.

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