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EXTRA LIFE Charity Ship Giveaway...Yes, it's happening again!

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#1 Spin



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Posted 22 October 2014 - 10:16 PM

Hello Romantics,


Last year, The Romantics were very supportive of Extra Life so I'm posting up in your forums again. Please consider dropping by to donate or just to say hi on the thread. You, Wes and the Hull Truth are a big part of the community so I hope to see some of you there.

We'll be doing the draw during the 24hr marathon on Twitch just like last year.


Have a great day,




The Hook

I'm going to raffle off my ships (350R, M50, Gladiator, Freelancer MIS and Weekend Warrior Package) to people who donate to Extra Life...and I'm going to do it this coming Saturday. The crazy thing is that I did this last year but, with the help of some friends, I've rebuilt my hangar and I'm ready to torture myself again. It's for the kids!


Extra Life is a reliable charity associated with the Children's Miracle Network and they've both been around for years. On the 25th of October (5 days from today), thousands of gamers will be playing online for 25 hours straight to raise money for sick kids. Rather than just straight up donate money, I'd like to leverage the community so that the kids get even more money than I could donate alone.

In order to do that I'm willing to give up my entire hangar and, to enter, all you have to do is donate $5 on my Extra Life page. That said, I'm pressed for time to get this out to our fantastic community because I just got the go ahead from CIG's James Pugh today. 

This is the second annual Empty My Hangar Ship Giveaway and here's a link to last year's event:https://forums.rober...ring-success/p1 
The awesome Star Citizen community turned it into a great success and I'm hoping to do the same for the kids this year. Last year all the donations went to the Vancouver Children's Hospital because that's the closest one to home. This year, the donations will go to the Colorado Children's Hospital because I'm a transplanted Canadian and Colorado is my adoptive home.


I'm going to do my part of that by offering up my ships. If you donate $5 to my Extra Life campaign, you'll earn one 'ticket' in a draw for a ship. You'll earn one entry for every $5 you donate. Once we reach a goal (i.e. 50 x $5 donations), that prize is unlocked. Here are the ships and the goals:

--50 x $5 donations = Origin 350R Interceptor with LTI (twin engines for speed and a full service martini bar to add that touch of luxury ;) )

--100 x $5 donations = 350R and the Origin M50 Racer with LTI (the fastest ship in the west)

--200 x $5 donations = The other two ship are off the table and the Weekend Warrior Package is up for grabs. (The Weekend Warrior comes with the terrific and deadly looking Anvil Super Hornet, LTI, 5k UEC, a cool sidearm, manuals, downloads, music...it's everything you need!)

--300 x $5 donations = Weekend Warrior and 350R

--400 x $5 donations = Weekend Warrior, 350R and M50

--500 x $5 donations = Weekend Warrior, 350R, M50 and the MISC Freelancer MIS with LTI (the missile boat that keeps on giving!)


--600 x $5 donations = Weekend Warrior, 350R, M50, Gladiator and the Anvil Gladiator Torpedo Bomber with LTI (this is one we don't know too much about yet but it's going to be awesome!)

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#2 Spin



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Posted 23 October 2014 - 09:34 PM

Just a quick update.


We've unlocked the Weekend Warrior package and we've almost unlocked the 350R to go with it.


I hope to see some of you in the thread because it's for the kids!



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#3 Spin



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Posted 25 October 2014 - 06:24 PM

It's the big push today. :)

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