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We miss ya Wes!@!

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#1 Teccmo



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Posted 11 November 2014 - 10:36 PM

Hey Wes, 


It's me, Teccmo.  We haven't seen you in a while, and I was just wondering if we could get an update on the stream.  I might have missed an important announcement I don't know.  I've been reading through the forums and haven't found anything.  Believe me brother, I know that real life trumps any commitment that you may have to an internet gaming community, especially when you have a newborn baby to take care of.  I just felt like I might be speaking for more than a couple people so I figured I'd ask what's going on.  You know, if you want to fly my to Texas, I could babysit for a few days and help take a load off your mind (although I don't have any breast milk).  Lol  ... no but seriously, I hope you and your family are doing well man.  Like I said maybe I'm in the dark and missed what was going on, but I figured I'd at least ask.  God Bless.



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#2 RomanticsWes


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Posted 16 November 2014 - 01:32 PM

Hi Teccmo. Thanks a ton for thinking of me/us.


I've made a couple of updates here and there but people miss those. It's hard to reach out to everyone that's part of this community and make sure everyone sees the video or tweets or whatever.


The main issue right now is that my wife went back to work going on 4 weeks ago now and that has really destroyed both of our schedules. The baby is no typical situation as he has major issues with sleeping and being very uncomfortable all the time. My time when my wife is at work is spent holding him, feeding him and helping him sleep literally every second I'm awake. I tried out streaming a week ago and managed to get a few morning streams in IF he was getting some of his leftover night time sleep done with. This week I haven't been able to continue streaming because his situation just got a lot worse instead of better and to top it off, everyone in the house is sick.


My goal was to start streaming for 2 to 3 hours in the mornings and then again after 5pm on the 3 days a week that my wife gets home that early. What has happened instead is that he's getting less sleep than he was and so my morning stream time is spent trying to help him be comfortable and sleep and my evening time is spent helping my wife get her dinner and doing household chores that need done while she takes care of the baby after work.


It's been very stressful for us and at times we've felt like we might not make it lol... We've been assured that he will grow out of most of the issues he's having but for now, it's pretty rough on all of us, most of all on the baby. He should be sleeping around 14 to 15 hours a day and instead he's getting 8 to 10. With a baby that means that less sleep exacerbates the problem making it even harder for them to sleep. He has a bunch of issues since birth that are causing the difficulty sleeping and we're working on all of those. On top of that if anyone wants to look it up or do some research just to get an idea of what I'm talking about, the term for this is "High Needs" babies. He also has very bad acid reflux and my wife has been on an elimination diet for a long time trying to figure out if there's anything in her diet causing it.


So to sum it up, it's all a work in progress really. I fully intend to return to streaming and youtubing once I'm physically and mentally able. I'm doubly stressed out because with the size of Twitch being what it is now, it's very difficult to gain a following there as a new streamer and after being out for so long, I will have lost most of my viewer base. I think I can build it up again but it's still stressful because I've spent 2.5 years working on this stuff.


I miss everyone in the community and I miss being able to stream not just because I need to do some "work" and have a job to feel satisfied as a man but because I miss the conversation and interaction with the community via the streams.


I'm working on some other little projects in my spare time and I think by December (hopefully I'll be streaming BEFORE that) everyone will be pleasantly surprised by the new look of the live stream, the website and my YouTube stuff including Hull Truth. ThWinslow from our community is on board to learn editing directly from me so he can take over the job of editing Hull Truth videos on a weekly basis so I can continue to put them out (saves me a LOT of time and stress) and give me some more room to make another concurrent series or two on YouTube related to video games.


I'm going to start putting out some video game playthroughs on YouTube this week and hopefully be able to do 3 to 4 hours of streaming most days as well. We'll see how it goes with the baby. It's really all based on his quality of life right now and trying to make that better.


Love you all and thanks for checking up on me Teccmo. I do appreciate the support I've received from the community.

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