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Gamescom's multi crew demo

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#1 Kaldo


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Posted 10 August 2015 - 05:21 AM

Can't believe nobody commented on this yet. I understand things are slow atm but there might be people who missed it so here it goes, just in case - demo from this year's Gamescom. Definitely worth a watch if you're doubting SC's progress in the last year.



I was very surprised when they showed off quantum drive - it looks great and seems it's completely seamless! During the whole demo there's really not a single loading screen. It's still obviously rough around the edges but this is the first real glimpse into how the PU will look and I have to say, it kinda got me hyped again.


I wasn't as thrilled by the combat part, I still think that dogfighting and general weapon feel / aim needs a lot of work but it definitely looked cool (that Connie explosion, right??). The whole transition from the station's interior to exterior is also great, really gives you a sense of scale. They also showed off ship system management, returning power to the ship and activating ship systems like life support and gravity through multiple control panels. The Retaliator's quantum drive actually got damaged in their live presentation during combat and couldn't travel back to the station at the end, which was unexpected and totally awesome. One player actually tried to fix it through the engineering console but it was too damaged, once we get proper repair systems in place it will be great.


In any case... the presentation was once again amateurish with a bunch of sound issues, waiting, awkward pauses and bad planning. They had a pretty bad start but at least the demo worked pretty much flawlessly this time, and that's what we wanted to see in the end.

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#2 TheWinslow


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Posted 10 August 2015 - 05:08 PM

It definitely got me hyped again. The space station looked absolutely fantastic (and has never been seen before as far as I know). The combat did need some work but the smaller ships strafing the constellation was cool to see. They still need to tweak rotation speed for a lot of pieces on ships as ship turrets move too fast just like the cutlass' main thrusters rotate far too fast.


Most of all though, it was really nice seeing just how much they have gotten done that they haven't shown. They have multiple planetside locations complete that they haven't shown (mentioned during the planetside), nobody had seen the quantum drive in action before, and they have the level streaming working pretty well (still some pop-in in the background textures when they got to the asteroid belt but that is a minor detail). Oh, plus the Idris looks pretty complete. Probably are just waiting to add it when they add Capture the Idris as a game mode.



I could spend all day looking at the city in the last few minutes of that video. Also looking at the space station in the multi crew demo (that thing was HUGE).

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#3 Falcon515


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Posted 11 August 2015 - 08:03 PM

I'm super exited to see the modules come together! The social module looks gorgeous, but I feel like it might get boring after a while. Once they give us guns, ships, and missions, the social module (Persistent Universe v.0) will become the game of our dreams! I know I'll play the FPS a lot, but only so that I'm competent enough to repel pirates and thugs who try to board my ship or mug me while planetside ;)


It's hard to believe how good the multi crew demo looks. Remember when CIG first showed the dogfighting module? Just look at how far AC has advanced, and imagine how the multi crew module is going to improve by the time we get our hands on it! That Idris was amazing, I wish they showed a few other shots other than the belly. My hype has definitely been refueled, and I'm ready to start doing more than just killing scythes and dogfighting in an aurora! Time to break out the stafarer!


I'm also pretty excited that they are starting to implement the modular interiors with the retaliator so soon, I thought that was going to be something that happened after the game was released.

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