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Planetside 2 - Construction Update/Overall Better!

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Posted 27 May 2016 - 09:19 AM

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my recent experience with Planetside 2 and taking some time to learn about what all has changed the past year since I last played the game. Quite a lot has changed in fact, construction changes the overall flow of battles, performance has improved, and the community has been slowly repopulating it seems.


So after work yesterday I decided to hop back on some Planetside 2 to try out this construction update and it turned me into a zombie making me stay up until 2am on a work night. I started a small little base on the front line near an enemy warp gate that we claimed all of the land around since the closer you place a FOB with a Hive (explained in video) the more efficient it'll be. I started by myself with no help and placed all of my available structures and farmed raw materials while I waited and fended off lone scythe pilots that came across my A.I/Human controlled AA tower I placed. Over the course of about 20 minutes I had a couple people show up that had much more experience that I had in creating bases and I joined up with them while they helped teach me better techniques and strengthened my base up. About 30 minutes later we have 10 people in our squad and over 20 blueberry's in the base when a VS zerg group pushed out of their warp gate and targeted my FOB with a Hive. It was a battle with over 120 people from our faction and VS fighting in this small base that I created because it sheltered a game winning piece that generated Victory Points (helps in claiming an entire map). Eventually the VS armor line broke through our defenses and wiped out the FOB, but it was such an amazing experience to be able to start a battle like that and cause such a disturbance all by yourself.


Planetside 2 Construction:

This is literally a game changer, you're able to create FOB's that'll help aid the fight in pushing a large tech plant or any other type of base. Check out this video below to get a brief overview of it:



I'd love to play this with you all, so if you're interested in playing please let me know! Currently the best server to play on is Emerald (US East) as most of the large outfits are deciding to move from Connery over there and it'll be the best way to get into action and involved quickly. I'm currently playing TR (Terran Republic) and having a blast, but I'm happy to make different faction characters on that server if there is already a group of you on it by chance.

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