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Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition Match Report: Grey vs. Curry

Blood Bowl Chaos Edition Romantics

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#1 Grey_dybbuk


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Posted 19 January 2014 - 10:59 PM

Well folks, that was quite an exciting match between Grey Dybbuk's Necromantic team and the equally evil Dark Elf team coached by Currymuncher.

Both teams were pretty lineman-heavy (the default redshirts of the game, zombies and line-elves in this case). Considering how expensive the other players on both teams are, this made perfect sense. Zombies, Wights, Flesh Golems, and a Werewolf on one side, and Dark Elven linemen, Blitzers, and Witch Elf on the other, both rather intimidating groups of players. Goody-goody types had best stand clear of this lot.

Details are bloody and somewhat obscured in the fog of war that quickly descended on the pitch in spite of the perfect weather, but it was a real tug-of-war, with neither team able to hold the advantage quite long enough to score... though both came tantalizingly close to that elusive goal line before giving up the ball to the dictates of Nuffle (the god of randomness in this game).

One such upset featured one of the Dark Elf Blitzers grabbing the ball and dodging away from the fray in a mad sprint for the nearby goal, only to overextend himself and collapse right there on the line (a peculiar curse which had been confounding the Dark Elven attempts at pushing their limits while running, otherwise known as "Going For It.")
Scenting a chance for a recovery, the feral Werewolf quickly ran over and snatched up the ball... only to be shoved into the stands by the angry Dark Elven Blitzer once he dusted himself off from his recent fall. The bloodthirsty fans nearly killed the surprised Werewolf, but his accursed powers of regeneration allowed him a second chance at his unholy existence, though he was out and sidelined for the remainder of the match.
He was joined periodically by other players from both sides, though perhaps a few more elves, thanks to the efforts of the monstrous Flesh Golems.

The speed and agility of the elves allowed them to dodge out of some nasty scrapes, but fell afoul of the slower shambling enemies with a propensity for violence, though they gave back some good hits and shoved some players off the pitch to the amusement of the crowd.

When the dust settled and the final whistle sounded, the scoreboard still read: 0-0, and both teams had fallen and sidelined players to attend to, though no serious/permanent injuries remained.

Curry and I played a game of Blood Bowl today. Much randomness ensued, mistakes were made, blood was shed, but everyone had a good time at the end of the day. Both were starter teams with 0 experience, and didn't gain much more during the game, but it was a good learning experience, as we were both a bit rusty I think. It was a good scrap against a worthy opponent, and our evil minions always enjoy that every now and then.

Thanks for the game Mr. Currymuncher, and see you all on the pitch.

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#2 currymuncher67



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Posted 20 January 2014 - 08:19 AM

thanks grey it was a good match even though it was a 0-0 score.i hope we can get a rematch soon and more players get involved.

the jabbyjabby stabstabs might have a nice little assassin to help deal with those dam golems who were the vain of my team.....also  been on amazon to order extra padding for the dark elves due to the amount of time they spent flat on their backs, unfortunately due to finances it wont be memory foam.

on a last note,  my blitzer sent your werewolf a nice bunch of poisen ivy flowers and poisoned grapes, hope he does'nt get well soon.

thats the thing about derf's they are so sentimental  :P

had a great time chatting bud and a really tight match,till the next time take care

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#3 Nahku


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Posted 20 January 2014 - 01:44 PM

This games sounds awesome, I need to watch some videos on it to see if it's something I could play (or should just stick to watching :P)

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#4 Grey_dybbuk


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  • LocationAustin, TX

Posted 21 January 2014 - 12:09 AM

This games sounds awesome, I need to watch some videos on it to see if it's something I could play (or should just stick to watching :P)

Cknoor has some good newbie tutorial vids on youtube, I checked some out when I was trying to figure things out in the early stages. I also refer to the BBtactics website a lot for things like starting roster samples: http://bbtactics.com/strategy/rosters/

Pretty helpful stuff.

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