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Astro A-40's Mic Problem

headsets microphones peripherals problems

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#1 beelzeblob



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  • LocationClemson, SC

Posted 07 March 2014 - 04:03 PM

So I bought a pair of Astro A-40's about 6 months ago after using a pair of my friends. I love them and have had no issues with them until about 2 weeks ago when my microphone just stopped working. I can still hear perfectly through them, but no one can hear me talking. I've investigated a little bit, and found that my computer (or any computer) doesn't register that sound is being made. It recognizes the mic, but doesn't recognize any input into it. I've tried it with my friends computer and his set of A-40's, and we mixed and matched all types (his cord/my headset, his headset/my cord/my mic, etc.) and of course everything worked perfectly. So we then tried it with all my stuff and it works fine. I take it home it works fine. Next day and it's broken again.


Anybody ever heard of anything like this before? I've emailed Astro twice and they haven't responded. Any ideas on possible problems? And, before anyone asks, yes, I checked the mic setting on the cord.

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#2 DragonKitty


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Posted 07 March 2014 - 07:21 PM

This may sound stupid but was there any updates to your computers software (even unrelated software) right b4 this happened? try and restoring your computer back to just b4 the mic stopped working if its possible for you (some times your computer wont set restore points with the OS updates like they should)

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#3 Kimera



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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:58 PM

I suspect Drivers problem, the next time the microphone stops working try this:
1. Right click your PC icon for "Playback devices" (at the bottom corner of your PC with the speaker simbol)
2. Select "Recording devices"
3. Select the microphone and the click in Properties
4. In the new window click properties, (this is not the same properties as before)
5 A new window with 3 tabs opens, General,Driver,Details
6 In the General tab click "Change settings"
7 Now go to Driver tab
8 Click on Disable, this will disable the drivers and you will be asked to restart your PC, DO NOT restart your pc, that is not nessesary, instead enable the Driver again, this will load the microphone drivers again.

This will temporarily fix your microphone if the problem is caused by drivers, the problem can come back when you re start your PC, 
if this is the problem the solution will be to update drivers.

I had the same problem, but with my speakers. Some times they will work some times they won't, I would just disable and enable back the driver every time the problem happened, until I had enough and decided for a more permanent solution.

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