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Will it be worth it inthe end?

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Posted 06 May 2014 - 02:09 AM

So. As some of you know I have a hobby of fictional writing (well writing in general), a story I am working on title The Crimson Lily has been a story I have greatly enjoyed writing so far. I do not have much since I have only been writing as i felt like writing or once an idea popped into my head. However, After so much of the story has progressed I think I may have to take this seriously and write with a goal in mind. I am not going to get cocky and say I am good enough to try and get my story published into a book that will be a best seller, but I think a goal of completing it is a good start. I have other pieces that I have written on a whim that I have decided to work into this story and most of it will work quite well with blending. There is also a piece that i had forgotten about that i was writing to work on my dialog and such that I had written quite a bit of that I may do a short story with. But I would love some opinions and/or critiques. I am still working on flow, and using correct tenses consistently and sometimes I catch myself and other times i just don't see it until someone points it out. Though i must say some if not most of the things on here are not edited or have only gone through a one time edit so some of it maybe rough still. Ultimately It boils down to the question... is it worth it in the end? Is it something i should take more seriously after all? And that is what I am asking my Lovely Romantics that I do place a lot of trust in!  You can find most of the pieces i have written in my blog Dragonkitty's Meoarz ( the romantics blog) i do suggest reading the oldest submissions first (except after the oldest one read the one named The Crimson Lily (to be read directly after)) I do have some that are untitled those ones are the ones that i had written before. the Detective style one is the story i was talking about possibly making into a short story but not sure on that one hahaha. well i would love some feed back and i also understand if you dont want to read that much (or even this much haha)

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I do not mean to offend, but I can not honestly say I really care if I do or not....

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