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Hey Everyone! - Reidic/Reidium

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#1 Reidium



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Posted 03 June 2014 - 10:31 AM

My names Matt, my in game names are usually Reidic or Reidium, and I just recently started following Wes on twitch a few weeks ago when I started playing the archeage alpha. I'm 29, so a little older of a gamer now, and generally am looking for mature, decent human beings to play new games with. My RL gaming friends have dwindled to about 4 or 5, so not really enough to accomplish much in today's MMOs, so hoping to find the right fit here with you guys. I also am back in school, I decided to return and finish out my bachelors in communication, so I bounce between Michigan (home) in the summer, and Hawaii (school) in the fall and winter months, so my time zones swap around a little.

I also hope to start my own stream at some point in the future, but waiting on some financials to fall into place so I can build a new rig. Currently I play on a Asus G53 gaming laptop, have to run archeage on low settings, but it will work for now; which brings me to the fun part, games.


Past Game Experience: 

Ultima Online - My first love,and first MMO. I played this for a really long time. The first year or two on the paid servers, then bouncing around free player run servers.

World of Warcraft (was pretty hardcore, raiding almost every night, starting in vanilla. We made it through Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and parts of Naxxarras (sp?) the original gangster version. Then I quit the game, and intermittently came back on and off for various expansions, but never really got into it as heavy as then.

Age of Conan - It was not the greatest of games, played it for a few months

Warhammer Online - Played this for a few months as well, but they had a lot of server issues, particularly with their world pvp stuff.

Star Wars The Old Republic - leveled to max, didnt really accomplish much past that

EVE - Always was really interested in it, but didnt really get into a big enough outfit to make the most of it. 


Current Games and interests:

Archeage - Really excited about archeage, I really like the naval aspects. I hope to someday run a successful trade ship and hopefully my very own fishing boat. I was leveling a character in the east, go to about 45ish, but wasnt really enjoying the community or guild I was in over there (the maturity level and general attitudes was pretty rough). Decided to give west a try and hopefully group up eventually with you guys, so I started an Argent this past Saturday, and am currently around 32.

League of Legends - I play league pretty regularly most of the time, though archeage has been dominating my play time the most lately. League is a game i never really quit, I always come back to it. I think thats what makes it such a great game, is the ability to easily go back forth with it.

Minecraft - Love minecraft, every 6 months or so me and my friends usually start a small server and play for a few months to see all the new additions and changes, building some pretty large buildings, then we go back to whatever other games we were playing. Its always enjoyable though.

Star Citizen - I just now heard about star citizen from Wes's stream, and the more I look into it the more I'm interested. I always dream of being a semi truck driver in space haha, so hopefully you guys will need some cargo moved.



I think that's it about me. My character on the west side is Reidic, feel free to find me in game!

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#2 pyso_


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Posted 04 June 2014 - 01:26 AM

Hey Matt. Nice little intro you have there, always nice when someone takes that little bit of extra time :) I see you enjoy your mmos, I'm very excited for ArcheAge as well but I can't justify that alpha access purchase these days.

See you out there man, glad to have you with us! wesHeart

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#3 WildCard


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  • LocationPerth, Australia

Posted 04 June 2014 - 02:21 AM

Welcome Matt, good to have you here...

..SWTOR.....yes.....22 Characters some with over a years actual play time......walked away from it for SC. As mentioned elsewhere I actually enjoy time in these forums more than SWTOR...only so much you can do....


but welcome none the less, as we get closer to the DFM and PU, expect this place to liven up a lot more!

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#4 Crazy Aces

Crazy Aces


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Posted 04 June 2014 - 11:24 AM

Welcome aboard!

I never could really get into MMOs but I'm really looking forward to this one!

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- CraZ As
“Crazy people are considered mad by the rest of the society only because their intelligence isn't understood.” 
― Weihui Zhou

#5 RomanticsWes


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Posted 09 June 2014 - 01:22 PM

Great intro! Thanks for taking the time to do that.


We're glad to have you in the community.


With my focus being so heavily geared toward Star Citizen, as Wildcard said, the forums will probably liven up quite a bit as we get closer to more SC related releases that we can actually participate together in. Until then we're duking it out ArcheAge and playing the little "bits" that CIG decides to drop on us in Star Citizen :D


Star Citizen is my current obsession though and so I think it will be the first BIG game that we really start building the nuts and bolts of a proper guild in. Every gaming community starts with A game and then carries on from there. With ArcheAge I've been a little more laid back about progression and operations within that world because it wasn't really a planned thing. It just kind of happened that we ended up with a guild of 200 people lol.


Our SC Org is already deep into the planning phase and will be a lot more directed. If you haven't seen it yet and you're even slightly interested in Star Citizen, you should check out that part of the forums and look at our Divisions post.


Great to have you and looking forward to more gaming!

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