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Radial Strafing, or why automated target leading has problems

dogfighting module AC firing solution targeting radial skid strafe

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#1 Sargoreth



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Posted 10 June 2014 - 11:38 AM

Hey Romantics, I tried searching for this topic before but I did not see it, my apologies if this has been pointed out earlier.

I wanted to bring up a point about the automated firing solution mechanic that first came to my understanding when I was playing Vendetta Online. That game had a lead indicator for firing and there was a known issue for defeating it. Exploiting it was the source for many flame wars and the usual beautifully constructed witty repartee we have come to know as the internet in the forums and on regional chat. I have made a crude graphic that my 7 year old son could have drawn better. He wanted to try, but my ego wouldn't allow it. I am trying to figure out how to include the picture, so this might take me a few tries, please bear with the forum newb.



OMG i got it to work *edit - after three tries*

OK! When a ship is strafing (yaw) and banking, it will move in a circle, as shown. Targeting solutions do not take into account the radial motion, as the vector is constantly changing. With the automated target leading that the gimbals perform, it will never shoot at the actual intercept point, it will instead shoot at the tangential intercept based on the current vector, resulting in a miss. I have not had the chance to test this out extensively, it is possible that they solved this problem with the automated firing solution but I doubt it, as a correct solution would have to assume continual radial motion for a correct solution, which would mean that you could throw off the solution by banking occasionally, leading to a new set of exploits. This can be countered by firing at the known intercept point (and having your cursor completely off the target and keeping it on the radial track of the projected flight of the target) but I don't know how well this would work for keyboard/mouse pilots as I have watched my friend fly this way and the gimbal drift is all over the place.

This needs the PVP DFM to troubleshoot and develop tactics against. The easy answer to somebody pulling this on you is a missile shot, but if the radial motion is fast enough they may be able to strafe out of the way of the missile, Typically, this is a slow maneuver and I would imagine that missiles will track, but if you lead it right they are easy prey for guns and you don't have to waste missiles. I am really looking forward to testing AC out and seeing if we can get this licked!



*edit* Error says you are not allowed to use that image extension in this community, start trial #2

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