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Bangle Carrier Owner?

Bangle Carrier Privateering Boarding Actions

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Posted 10 June 2014 - 05:24 PM

Hihi all,

This is kinda related to Wes's earlier post "Shocking Development" 

I was talking to Ben Lesnick as his handle wcloaf earlier today after watching the 10-4 the Chairman last night. Mind you, I'm not pally palls with him but he does respond to my msgs at least XD and here's what I asked him:


Got a question, and this may not be in your department...was originally going to post this for 10 - 4 the Chairman but decided to float it by the dev team instead.

- Bengal Carriers must be captured before you can control it, there will only be a few Bengals available in 
the SC-PU, some will be in active duty to be boarded (for pirates), other will be marooned damaged and 
abandoned but re-pair-able (for non-pirates)-

1) is this legit info, obtained thru our forums.
2) If pirates have possession of a Bangle and you board action a pirate vessel, can you legitimately take it over as your own and it not count against your status/and or as piracy?

It's... similar to reality, at least  The plan is to seed the universe with several derelict Bengals that can be recovered/repaired... what people do with them after that point is up to them! (Pirate or otherwise.)

There will also be active duty Bengals fighting the Vanduul... you'd have to be pretty ballsy to take one on, though!

I'd say the majority of the community is pretty ballsy anyway XD"

I'm pretty sure one way or another there's going to be need for alot of ppl just to repair and relaunch it from its finding point...or for boarding actions to take on pirates who've snatched one from the UEE. This means multiple boarding sites as well...ships too damn big to do with just one ships crew.

I'm an affiliate member here and this is my proposal. Lets grab or take one and set it up as basically our Org alliances C&C. Well...once Beta is up for SC-PU that is since all will carry over to main game after full launch of SC.


Tell me what you think!


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Best Regards!

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